Construction site security

Rapid Security is the market leader in providing security services for construction sites.

Rapid Security has years of experience in organizing security solutions for different types of construction sites. Be it the construction of buildings, roads or infrastructure. We want to be a partner with whom to discuss the nuances of construction and the security issues that arise from it.

Construction security service content and price

Construction site security is a very technical field and each object requires a separate approach. For example, in the construction of roads and railways, the security solution must be ready to move along with the construction site. Ensuring the safety of construction workers becomes very important in the construction of high-rise buildings. Various access control systems, technical security solutions or manned presence are the tools we use when offering solutions.

Construction site security service options

Permanent manned guarding

A permanently on-site security guard can assist with receiving goods, acting as a contact person, and organizing solutions for accidents and emergencies.

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Temporary manned guarding

Temporary manned guarding is a suitable solution when security is needed periodically, such as at night. Temporary guarding can also be organized as a patrol service.

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Technical surveillance

Technical surveillance offers a wide range of possibilities for construction sites. A versatile selection of sensors and cameras combined with a control center is a powerful tool for ensuring security.

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Access control systems and timekeeping

Rapid Security can assist with tracking the working hours of construction workers, as well as the installation of other access solutions.

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When to Choose Construction Site Security Services?

Whether the construction site is large or small, if the safety of equipment and construction workers is critical to the completion of the project, it is reasonable to use a security service. Rapid Security is the market leader in construction site security in Estonia. Our security guard is not just a guard sitting in a warm booth, but an assistant who is an important link between entering and leaving the construction site. This can also be organized using only technical means.

How does the Safety Center respond?

Security Guard Reports an Emergency Situation

The security guard is in constant contact with the call center. If a dangerous situation arises, it is recorded by our call center and, if necessary, the security guard is instructed.

Response to an Alarm Signal

When an alarm is triggered at a guarded object, all technical solutions are quickly reviewed.

Responding to the Situation

If necessary, a patrol is sent to the scene to clarify the situation and help resolve it. Technical solutions often help to get an overview of the situation.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • Assisting with the movement of people on site, including:
    • Receiving deliveries
    • Directing visitors to the correct location
  • Ensuring the security of the site.

They don’t need power. Modern security devices are all autonomously powered, making them very easy to install and move.

See sõltub objekti asukohast. Meie kõnekeskus on väga kiire ning patrulli teeleasumise aeg häireteate saamisest jääb tavaliselt minuti sisse.

No, they don’t. A security guard’s primary responsibility is to observe the situation and call for assistance. In most cases, security guards do not intervene in the actions of malicious individuals. However, all security guards are trained to handle such situations.

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