Who We Are?

Rapid Security is a Scandinavian security company that has been operating in the Estonian market for 21 years. We provide security and safety to our clients in the Nordic and Baltic regions, allowing them to focus on their core activities.

The main areas of activity are business and home security, intelligent video surveillance (IVA), design, and installation of storage and access control systems.

Rapid Security combines high-tech security solutions into a flexible and efficient full-service offering.

Rapid Security’s smart access and storage solutions help clients save time and money. In addition, we offer manned surveillance and patrol services across Estonia.



is the most experienced construction site security provider in Estonia.


Employs over fifty people across Estonia.


offers the most modern call center service in the Baltic States.


Actively supports culture and youth sports!


Technical Surveillance

Various sensors, cameras, software solutions in collaboration with the control center enable rapid and efficient action in case of disturbances.

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Manned Surveillance

Security personnel are tasked with ensuring the safety of people and property. They also serve as representatives of the company’s security.

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Video Surveillance

The camera is an intelligent sensor capable of recognizing suspicious behavior and notifying security personnel.

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24/7 Control Center

The task of the control center is to assist security personnel in case of alarms and emergencies. The call center helps to address clients’ security concerns.

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Fire Safety

We ensure that all fire safety systems meet requirements and reports are submitted in a timely manner.

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Security Audit

A security audit entails a comprehensive analysis of security risks associated with an object or event. We provide solutions for risk mitigation.

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Access Control Systems

Through access control systems, it is possible to accurately measure the time an employee spends at their workplace. We offer various solutions for access control.

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Low Voltage Systems

Rapid Security assists in the installation and maintenance of surveillance and communication systems.

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Wireless Security Devices

Fully wireless security devices are easily installable, cost-effective, and reliable solutions for monitoring various premises.

VIDEOFIED Surveillance System

  • The Videofied surveillance system can be connected to a variety of smart sensors and devices such as smart smoke detectors, door/window opening sensors, keychain remote controls, motion sensors, indoor and outdoor sirens.
  • Wireless and weatherproof devices operate year-round in both indoor and outdoor conditions.
  • The Videofied mobile application, which allows remote monitoring and arming of the premises, can be used in conjunction with Rapid Security surveillance services.

VIDEOFIED is perfect for:

  • Construction sites, including temporary surveillance needs
  • Surveillance of construction equipment or other movable assets
  • Small shops, stores, offices
  • Homes, cottages, apartments
  • Warehouses
  • Perimeter protection

AJAX – Next Generation Wireless Security Systems

  • Innovative alarm and smart home solution
  • State-of-the-art components and technology
  • Powerful and reliable connection between devices – wireless radio communication technology was developed from scratch to be as reliable as wired connection
  • Protection against false alarms
  • Battery life up to 7 years
  • Professional-level installation in 15 minutes
  • Connection to security company just one click away
  • Managing and controlling all devices is very simple and intuitive

AJAX HUB – Ajax Security System’s Central Unit

The AJAX HUB central unit enhances the performance of every Ajax system device. It monitors and controls network devices and collects data through our advanced wireless connection technology, Jeweller. Additionally, it analyzes situations, filters out false alarms, and notifies you of real threats. Additional protection against sabotage makes Ajax Hub tamper-resistant along with all the premises it protects.


Motion detector that detects an intruder from the first stepAjax MotionProtect detects an intruder indoors from the first step, while ignoring pets, drafts, and air conditioner noise. It uses authentication to protect against fraud and encrypted connections.

Applications of AJAX Security Systems

  • Home, cottage
  • Company’s indoor and outdoor premises
  • Construction sites
  • Boats, ports
  • Garages
  • Offices
  • Warehouses


Wireless Outdoor Motion Detector with Camera, which takes photos on demand or in case of an alarm
  • Detection range 3-15 meters
  • Takes a series of up to five photos according to the scenario in case of alarm or request
  • Filters out false alarms
  • Immune to animals up to 80 cm tall
  • Battery life up to 3 years
  • Two-way communication
  • Encrypted, frequency hopping
  • Adjustable power

AJAX Software – Simple Security Management for Your Safety and Convenience


Mobile application for end-users, to monitor and manage home security from miles away
  • Comprehensive and user-friendly
  • Large icons, high-contrast fonts
  • Color coding
  • Dedicated menu for automation devices
  • Panic button
  • Notifications
  • Reminders for arming and disarming alarms


All-in-one computer program for professionals working with Ajax security systems – facility profiling and remote configuration, alarm monitoring and photo verification, personnel management, and detailed event logging
Installation and Maintenance
  • Rapid connection and setup of devices
  • Remote adjustment of system parameters
  • Quickly arriving error notifications
  • Detailed event log
  • Maintenance reports
Alarm Monitoring
  • Automatic synchronization of device settings when connecting control panels
  • Efficient incident resolution
  • Alarm photo verification
  • Support for mobile panic button service
  • Detailed event log

Intelligent Video Surveillance

Intelligent Video Analytics (IVA) is a camera/server solution for monitoring territories, rooms, work areas, etc. It’s a software-based solution that utilizes artificial intelligence to analyze what’s happening in the footage. It can detect practically anything that it has been trained to recognize.

lnteligent Rapid IVA

Rapid IVA enables:

  • Monitor the premises in real-time
  • Monitor activities at the guarded site from a smartphone
  • Minimize false alarms
  • Open gates and barriers
  • Detect license plates and individuals
  • Warn intruders through a loudspeaker
  • Replace traditional perimeter surveillance sensors
  • Perform object photography
  • Analyze activities at the guarded site
  • Differentiate objects based on their size, shape, speed, and trajectory
  • Prevent damages and commission of offenses
  • Receive reports on activities at the guarded site
  • Evaluate information from various sensors such as temperature, humidity, sound, etc.
  • Easily search for events history

Main Advantages of Intelligent Video Surveillance:

  • Maximum security of the monitored area
  • Best price-to-quality ratio
  • Innovativeness
  • Flexibility and convenience

Examples of video analytics application areas:

Area Surveillance – a virtual boundary is set in the image, and when it’s crossed, an alarm is generated and relevant parties are notified.
Automatic License Plate Recognition – a created algorithm searches for letter and number combinations, i.e., license plates, in a predefined area within the camera’s field of view.
People Counter – the analytics counts incoming or outgoing individuals.
Smart Traffic Solution – artificial intelligence analyzes what’s happening in the image. As a result, it examines the emergence of traffic hazardous situations, helping to prevent them in the future.
Motion Detection – a camera identifies an area where there shouldn’t be any movement, and if movement occurs, an alarm is generated.
Fire Detection – it’s a combined solution of infrared and video systems.
Facial Recognition – a solution that checks faces against a public or private database or stores them.

Kui taskukohane on intelligentne lahendus?

Intelligentne videovalvesüsteem on investeering, mis arvutuste põhjal tasub ennast ära juba esimesel poolaastal. Pikaajaliselt tähendab see, et kuus on võimalik säästa peaaegu kümme korda rohkem võrreldes mehitatud valvega. Intelligentse videovalve eeliseks on ka see, et see ei jää kunagi haigeks, ei vaja puhkepäevi ega oota riigipühadel suuremat töötasu.

DAHUA – Innovative Technology Hand in Hand with Reliability

As an innovation leader, Dahua Technology is committed to providing innovative technologies and products, crowned with reliability and quality.

24/7 värviline jälgimine
  • Displays color images and captures vivid details in low-light conditions.
  • Significantly enhances the likelihood of collecting evidence on people, vehicles, and events.
Kiire ja lihtne Dahua Mobile Security Surveillance (DMSS) rakendus telefonis kasutamiseks.
  • This remote monitoring platform can perform device migration through individual accounts, device sharing, and remote monitoring with both live and recorded videos.
  • Through network connection, it can receive alarm notifications anytime, anywhere.
Analüütilise võimekusega kaamerad
  • Piiriületuse tuvastus
  • Numbrituvastus
  • Tulekahjutuvastus
  • Minimaalselt valehäireid
DSS Express Application for Computer Use

Dahua Dome Camera

Dahua Fisheye Camera

Dahua PTZ Camera

Many Different Types of Surveillance Cameras
  • PTZ cameras, dome cameras, bullet cameras, fisheye cameras, thermal cameras
  • Network cameras
  • HDCVI PTZ cameras – utilizing pan, tilt, and zoom functions to ensure wide area coverage as well as excellent details.
  • Specialized cameras: positioning systems, corrosion-resistant cameras, explosion-proof cameras

Dahua Flashing Light and LED Indicator Bullet Camera

Dahua Bullet Camera

TiOC – Effective Deterrence against Intruders

TiOC, also known as Three-in-One Camera, integrates round-the-clock full-color monitoring, active deterrence, and artificial intelligence into one smart and innovative solution, saving significant time and money. TiOC can accurately detect potential risks and effectively warn intruders, protecting lives and property.

Smart Locks

Smart locks simplify the transfer of keys, access cards, and other valuables for homes, offices, saunas, or garages. Users and guests can be provided with one-time, temporary, or permanent access via a web or mobile application.

DIGILOCK – keyless smart locks with cloud-based management

24/7 Network Connectivity Lock Management

Wireless connectivity via low-energy Bluetooth (BLE)

Various access options: entering a code on the keypad, RFID or Mobile-ID

Flexible feature options: shared use mode, dedicated use mode, reservation and package retrieval modes

Easy to install and update

CURVE:Classic Digilock with enhanced Smart features

  • Networked local/remote management
  • Wireless connectivity via Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE)
  • Motorized opening by latch or strike
  • Ultra-slim surface mount
  • Vertical orientation
  • Brushed nickel or matte black finish


Smart locks that seamlessly blend form and function
  • Networked local/remote management
  • Wireless connectivity via Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE)
  • Motorized opening by latch or strike
  • Available in ultra-slim surface mount
  • Horizontal or vertical orientation
  • Brushed nickel or matte black finish

VERSA Smart Locki juhtimine õhukese ja mitmekülgse profiiliga

  • Networked local/remote management
  • Wireless connectivity via Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE)
  • Utilizes a manually rotating camera
  • Choice of button styles and orientations
  • Slim enough to retrofit onto existing pedestal locks
  • Available in recessed or surface mount options
  • Brushed nickel or matte black finish


Ultra-discreet, touch-free Smart Lock
  • Networked local/remote management
  • Wireless connectivity via Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE)
  • Coin-sized, low-profile design
  • Touch-free and automatic opening
  • RFID and Mobile-1D
  • Multi-directional locking orientation
  • Black or white finish


Networked locks for facilities requiring a hardwired solution
  • Integrated wired locking system for new stationary furniture installations
  • Shares the Digilink® cloud management platform with all Digilock smart locks
  • Manageable via
  • Internal LED to illuminate storage area
  • Available pre-installed in cabinets and office furniture
  • Manage Pivot locks through kiosks or directly with the Pivot Pro
  • For maximum security, reader communication is restricted to the secure wired solution
  • External LED indicator for lock status
  • Internal USB for device charging
  • Internal LED to illuminate storage area
  • Available pre-installed in cabinets and office furniture


With Digilink, our electronic locking solutions become smart electronic locking solutions

Digilink® patented cloud-based software works with any Digilock smart lock to provide global management, 24/7 access and peace of mind.

State-of-the-Art Contact Center

Rapid Security offers a modern contact center service with experienced operators.

Why Use a Call Center Service?

The company becomes available 24/7.

A New Level of Customer Service Without the High Cost

The Opportunity to Focus on Your Core Business

Improving Sales Performance

Reduced Costs for Support Processes

Professional Customer Service

Dedicated, Trained, and Experienced Operators

Professional Service with Transparent Pricing and Comprehensive Reporting

Customer-Centric Thinking and Willingness to Help

Fire Safety Services

Rapid Security conducts property owner self-inspections, prepares fire safety reports, and submits them to the Rescue Board.

  • The self-inspection reporting period is from 01.01 to 31.12.
  • The fire safety report must be submitted no later than March 31st of the year following the reporting period.
  • The fire safety report is submitted to the Rescue Information System once a year.
  • A fire safety report is not required for residential buildings and premises.

Fire safety inspection must be carried out every three years:

  • In an office building with an area of over 750 m2
  • In an industrial and warehouse building with an area of over 1000 m2
  • In a garage with an area of over 1000 m2

Rapid Security takes responsibility for carrying out timely fire safety inspections of the customer’s building(s) and submitting accurate data in accordance with Estonian regulations.

Installation and Maintenance

Only properly installed and regularly maintained security and video surveillance systems ensure the security of your property!

Rapid Security sells, installs and maintains the following security systems:

Security alarm systems

Fire alarm systems

IT and telecommunications networks

Access control systems

Employee time tracking

Intercom systems

Wireless networks, communication solutions

Background music systems

Emergency notification systems

Audio and video equipment

Customer counters


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