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Who is Rapid Security

Rapid Group consists of companies Rapid Security AB in Sweden and Rapid Security OÜ (Baltic States). Our operations are ISO certified and all companies are certified by the respective authorities.

Rapid Security was founded in 1985 and has been operating as part of the Rapid group since 2002, owned by Gabrielsson Invest AB. Rapid Security AB has a long history in the security industry, owed to approximately 400 talented employees. Regardless of the role our employees hold in the company, they are the main reason for our success.

Rapid Security values

Business Plan

We focus on sustainable solutions. We are dedicated to our clients, maintaining consistently high levels of quality and service speed.


Innovative security solutions and modern technology in collaboration with motivated employees and service quality.


Key elements in our client communication include transparency, accessibility, reliability, and honesty towards employees, clients, and partners.


Rapid decision-making, rapid response to emergency situations, quick feedback to clients and partners. Speed is the foundation of a security company.

Rapid Security in numbers


600+ Employees


20+ aastat kogemust


Over 5000


10 milion

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