Manned guard

Security service for events and objects

Rapid security manned guard service is one of the cornerstones of security services. Technical means are not always enough, and the best way to react quickly is to be on site. The task of security personnel is to take care of the safety of people and property. Our security personnel have undergone thorough training and know how to manage security issues, use a resuscitation device, but also be a useful partner in small jobs to ensure security.

Content and price of the manned security service

The price of the manned security service depends on the size of the object, the number of security personnel, the customer’s needs and technical equipment. Also about what technical security solutions the customer has in the past. If necessary, we install additional security equipment, and thus ensure maximum security.

In fact, security personnel are never alone. If necessary, our fast call center will call in additional reinforcements or mediate the need to bring in additional equipment.

Manned security service options

Administrator – Security Officer

Today, a security guard is not a muscular brat, but a helpful customer service representative who acts as eyes and ears and reacts helpfully to any dangerous situations. Be it a flood, a false alarm or catching thugs.

Event Security

We take care of all security related issues at the client’s event. The security plan will be brought into line with the schedule. Technical readiness helps to react quickly in dangerous situations. If necessary, we involve traffic controllers and first aid.

Car patrol

Car patrol records the situation of the object after certain periods. If necessary, inspects the object immediately and prepares a report. Such surveillance is a reasonable choice for facilities that do not require permanent manned surveillance.

Safety training

Rapid Security is from Sweden. We have long-term experience in training security personnel, which includes first aid training, weapons handling, self-defense techniques, customer service, aggression training, etc.

When to choose a manned security service?

Managing large crowds requires more security than technical capabilities can provide. It is often necessary to lead the people and deal with issues that may not always be malicious. Manned guarding is also important when the guarded property is of very high value and the reaction to the threat must be quick. Here, a Rapid Security security employee can mostly help with advice and sometimes with force.

Manned guarding is mostly used
  • On commercial premises
  • In production or warehouses
  • On construction sites
  • On large objects
  • Crowd or private events

How does the Emergency Center respond?

A security employee reports a dangerous situation

The security guard is in constant contact with the call center. If a dangerous situation arises, it will be fixed by our call center, if necessary, a security employee will be instructed.

Reaction to alarm signal

If an alarm is triggered on a guarded object, all technical solutions are quickly reviewed.

Reaction to the situation

If necessary, a patrol will be sent to clarify the situation and help resolve it. Often, technical solutions also help to get an overview of the situation.

Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ

When considering the price, the number of security personnel, the location of the object, the need for additional services, the length of the order and the need for security equipment are taken into account. As each object and event is special, please ask for a quote and we will ask additional questions.

There are different levels of security guards. Training levels are conducted and controlled by the Estonian Security Companies Association and issue a professional certificate. All security personnel of Rapid Security undergo advanced training every year.

All our security personnel know Estonian at least at the B2 level and Russian. If necessary, we can also provide English-speaking security personnel.

Armed security personnel are only experienced workers who have received special training. Armed security is used only in special situations. Most security personnel do not carry a weapon. A security officer always has a radio transmitter at hand, which is connected to the control center. This is the security officer’s best consultant for responding to any situation.

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