Patrole Services

Active prevention activity

When a permanent manned guard is not constantly necessary, but there is still a need to periodically assess the condition of the object, patrol service is suitable for this.

Experienced security personnel are able to notice and respond to potential threats. This service is intended for multiple target groups who, in addition to technical security options, want to effectively prevent crime, ensure property protection, and create a sense of security

Who is the patrol service intended for?

  1. Businesses Businesses, from small cafes to large manufacturing buildings, can benefit from patrol service. It ensures safety for both employees and company assets, reducing theft, vandalism, and other crime.
  2. Commercial Spaces Stores often handle large crowds and valuable goods. Patrol service helps prevent theft, ensuring the safety of visitors and goods.
  3. Industrial Areas and Factory Territories Large industrial areas and factories need effective implementation of security measures. Patrol service keeps an eye on large territories, ensuring the safety of employees and asset protection.
  4. Apartment Associations In residential areas, patrol service is important for ensuring citizens’ safety. It helps prevent break-ins, vandalism, and other crime, creating a sense of security for residents.
  5. Educational Institutions Around schools, universities, and other educational institutions, patrol service helps prevent illegal entry, violence, and ensures student safety.
  6. Healthcare Institutions Hospitals and other healthcare institutions need patrol service to protect their employees, patients, and assets. This is especially important when dealing with night-time or low-traffic areas.

When is it necessary to use patrol service

Nighttime Security

The risk of crime often increases at night. Patrol service is especially important at night when there is less lighting and fewer people moving around.

Large Events and Festivals

Large public gatherings, events, and festivals attract a large number of people. Patrol service helps ensure public safety in these large meeting spaces.

Large Territories

Large companies, industrial areas, or residential areas with extensive territory require patrol service to ensure efficient security monitoring.

Prevention of Vandalism and Theft

Patrol service is an effective tool for preventing theft and vandalism, as security personnel can actively monitor potential danger spots.

How the Emergency Center responds

Security Guard Reports a Situation of Danger

The security guard is in constant communication with the call center. If a dangerous situation arises, it is recorded by our call center and, if necessary, the security guard is instructed.

Response to the Alarm Signal

When an alarm is triggered at the monitored object, all technical solutions are quickly reviewed.

Responding to the Situation

If necessary, a patrol is sent to clarify the situation and help resolve it. Often, technical solutions also help to get an overview of the situation.

Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ

The patrol service includes active surveillance, patrolling the territory, prevention of dangerous situations, security control and response to emergency situations as necessary.

Experienced security personnel actively monitor the territory of companies or regions, quickly reacting to possible dangerous situations and preventing crime.

The patrol service is recommended to be used at night, during large events, in case of extensive territories, to prevent theft and vandalism, and when the risk of security incidents is higher.

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