Technical surveillance

Technical security service for businesses

Technical security service is the most popular and cost-effective surveillance solution. It is suitable for various types of businesses. Technical surveillance involves the interaction of different sensors and cameras. In case of an alarm signal, a patrol is dispatched to assess the situation and, if necessary, secure the premises. Simultaneously, the alarm center contacts the customer.

The content and cost of technical security services

The complexity of technical security services depends on the quantity of installed equipment. We install and address all questions related to security and other low-voltage devices.

The response to an alarm is divided into three categories

Full Service

In case of an emergency, an immediate response will be provided by the patrol. When an alarm signal is received, a patrol team will be dispatched, and contact will be made with the client’s representative.

Combined Service

In case of an emergency, the control center will contact the client, and the patrol will be dispatched only after receiving confirmation from the client.

Information Service

In case of an alarm, the client will be notified. The crew will not go to check the situation.

Technical surveillance for small businesses

Information Service

8 valve settings in one sensor

  • Functions as a classic smoke detector and also alerts through a smart device.
  • In the event of a carbon monoxide leak, it signals loudly (additional accessory required).
  • Warns of danger even when no one is in the office, as it sends an alert to the owner’s mobile device in addition to activating the local alarm.
  • Informs you of unusual temperature fluctuations, which may indicate an open window or a malfunctioning heating system when you are away from the office.
  • The humidity sensor notifies you of potential water emergencies, allowing you to respond early and minimize associated damages.
  • The motion sensor detects and alerts you to any movement, helping catch uninvited guests in your office.
  • The “Follow Me” service helps monitor a colleague’s safe journey home.
  • The “Help Me” service allows for quick assistance calls.

Panic Button

Personal panic buttons are primarily intended for employees who need to enhance their sense of security while performing daily work tasks (postal workers, taxi drivers, social workers, construction and forestry workers, etc.). We also offer various tracking devices for positioning vehicles or goods and mapping routes. Movement can be monitored online or through the Rapid Control Center.

These personal panic buttons and tracking devices play a crucial role in ensuring safety and security for workers and individuals in various professions. If you have any further questions or need additional information, feel free to ask!

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Additional options of technical security service

Access Control Systems and Time Attendance

We combine smart locks with software solutions to provide a comprehensive overview of employee presence in the workplace.Read more

Smart Locks

Igloohome smart locks make it easy to transfer keys, access cards, and other valuables between users for home, office, sauna, garage, and more.

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Automatic Fire Alarm Transmission

The law requires certain types of buildings to have a mandatory automatic fire alarm transmission system in case of a fire.

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Security Audit

A security audit involves a thorough analysis of security risks related to an object or event. We offer various technical solutions to ensure security.

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Why choose Rapid Security's technical surveillance service?

The most crucial aspect of technical surveillance is a highly efficient control center. Rapid Security’s control center operates 24/7. This enables patrols to respond with minimal delay and keep your premises securely protected. We install and maintain surveillance equipment for businesses of any size. Whether it’s a small design office or a large logistics center, we have the solution for you.

Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ

For technical surveillance to operate, surveillance equipment is installed, which is connected to a control center. In case of an alarm, our control center immediately dispatches a patrol to inspect the premises and notifies the client of the alarm.

In case of a false alarm, it’s good to immediately call our control center and cancel the patrol’s inspection drive.

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