Factories and production

Security solutions for industrial and manufacturing facilities

We recommend starting with a security audit. Seemingly obvious solutions may sometimes require a more specific approach. A security audit for industries and factories identifies security risks and possible solutions for different situations.

To ensure the security of large territories and buildings with expensive contents, it is necessary to use all the possibilities of security services:

  1. Technical surveillance.
  2. Manned guarding combined with technical surveillance options.
  3. Manned guarding with multiple guards and all technical solutions.
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Technical Surveillance

Technical surveillance means surveillance carried out with technical means. This includes their installation and maintenance. It is the primary need to ensure the security of any business.

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Manned Guarding

Manned guarding allows for very rapid response to dangerous situations. To ensure the security of important objects, it is necessary to use the possibilities of manned guarding.

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Mobile Patrol

Technical surveillance can be combined with a regular patrol service that inspects the object at regular intervals. This is one of the options for manned guarding.

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Security Equipment Maintenance

Rapid Security installs and maintains security equipment. Regular maintenance ensures that the equipment is always in good working order.

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ATS Systems

In case of an alarm, the ATS system automatically transmits information to the alarm center. The law requires such a system to be regularly maintained.

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Fire Safety System Maintenance

Fire safety systems can only be inspected by people with the appropriate certificates. Maintenance is subject to strict requirements and systems must be maintained regularly.

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Fire Safety Services

We offer various solutions for the installation and maintenance of fire safety systems. We have all the necessary certificates for this.

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Access Control Systems

Access control systems and smart locks help to monitor employee movement and prevent unauthorized access to the facility.

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Why choose Rapid Security?

We are a security company with a long-term experience and Swedish roots. The cornerstone of our service is a 24/7 alarm and control center. This allows us to ensure security and offer solutions for objects with any requirements at a reasonable price.

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