Rapid Security is a personal and dedicated Swedish security company!!


Technical Security

A combination of various sensors, cameras, and software solutions, working in conjunction with a control center, enables rapid and operational response to incidents.

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Manned Guarding

Our security guards are responsible for the safety of people and property. They also act as representatives of the company’s security.

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Video Surveillance

Our cameras are smart sensors that can detect suspicious behavior and alert security guards.

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24/7 Control Center

Our control center assists security guards in case of alarms and emergency situations. Our call center helps to solve security issues for clients.

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Fire Safety

We take responsibility for ensuring that all fire safety systems comply with regulations and that reports are submitted on time.

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Security Audit

A security audit is a comprehensive analysis of security risks associated with a facility or event. We offer solutions to mitigate risks.

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Access Control Systems

Access control systems allow you to accurately measure employee time spent at work. We offer various access control solutions.

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Low-Current Systems

Rapid Security can help you install and maintain security and communication systems.

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Solutions for

Security and Guarding Services

Security is always a priority, whether it comes to your personal life or business operations. Rapid Security offers a wide range of high-quality security services to both businesses and private clients, ensuring satisfaction and peace of mind at every step.

We take pride in our Swedish quality, which is known worldwide as the benchmark for security. Our services are based on years of experience and continuous innovation, ensuring the best possible security for every client.

You can always count on Rapid Security

We have strong partners in surveillance technologies. We are at the forefront of AI use in video surveillance. Our clients include many large real estate developers who appreciate our flexible pricing policy and the attention we pay to fulfilling each client’s wishes.

Our call center is equipped with state-of-the-art technology and knowledgeable operators who are ready to answer every call 24/7. Whether it’s an emergency, a question, or another concern, we’re always there for you.

Miks usaldada turvateenused Rapid Security’le


In collaboration with Rapid Security, you will receive security services based on years of experience in various fields. Our team is capable of handling diverse situations, ensuring you the best possible protection.


We rely on a solid methodology for training our employees, which guarantees that each security guard’s competence corresponds to the situation. This way, we can ensure a reliable plan of action in any situation.

24/7 Control Center

The control center is the foundation of any security system. Our control center enables very quick response to any situation. We also offer assistance to other companies with our alarm and call center.

Swedish Origin

Rapid Security originates from Sweden. Sweden is a role model for other European countries in terms of security. We bring the experience and high technology from there to Estonia.

Why trust Rapid Security with your security needs?

Security Guard Reports an Incident

The security guard is in constant contact with the call center. If a dangerous situation arises, it is recorded by our call center and, if necessary, the security guard is instructed.

Responding to an Alarm Signal

When an alarm goes off at a guarded object, all technical solutions are quickly reviewed.

Responding to the Situation

If necessary, a patrol is sent to the scene to clarify the situation and help resolve it. Technical solutions often help to get an overview of the situation.

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