Video surveillance

Standard or analytic video surveillance?

Video surveillance has become a crucial security measure, providing effective monitoring and prevention in various environments. Modern technological advancements have also introduced analytic video surveillance, which surpasses the limitations of traditional video surveillance by enabling the use of intelligent features.

What is the difference between analytic and standard video surveillance?

Standard CCTV:

Standard CCTV (closed-circuit television) involves using cameras to record images or videos in a specific area. This system has been a primary method of security surveillance for a long time, monitoring and recording events.

Basic Components of Standard CCTV:

  1. Cameras. Record images or videos of the monitored area.
  2. Video Recording System. Stores the footage captured by the cameras.
  3. Monitors. Allow for real-time monitoring of events and viewing of recorded footage.
  4. Cables and Connections. Connect the cameras to the recording system.

Analytic Video Surveillance:

Analytic video surveillance utilizes advanced technologies that go beyond simply recording images or videos, providing the ability to analyze them as well. This empowers the system to detect, interpret, and report on specific events or behaviors.

Components of Analytical Video Surveillance
  1. Intelligent Detection Cameras: Cameras equipped with advanced detection technology that can automatically identify motion, faces, vehicles, and other objects.
  2. Software-Based Analytical Tools: Software solutions that process and analyze video material automatically, using sophisticated algorithms for detection and behavior analysis.
  3. Intelligent Recording Systems: Recording systems capable of storing and managing large amounts of analytical video surveillance data, allowing for quick access.
  4. Alarm and Alert Systems: Systems that can automatically trigger alarms or send notifications to security personnel based on detected events.

Options for Analytical Video Surveillance

Perimeter Protection:

A virtual boundary is set on the image, and an alert is generated and relevant parties are notified when it is crossed.

People Counter

Analytics counts people entering or leaving

Motion Detection

An area in the camera is defined where movement should not occur, and an alert is generated if movement occurs

Face Recognition

A solution that checks faces against a public or private database, or stores them.

Automatic License Plate Recognition

An algorithm searches for alphanumeric combinations, i.e. license plates, in a predefined area within the camera’s field of view.

Smart Traffic Solution

Artificial intelligence analyzes what is happening in the image. As a result, the occurrence of traffic hazardous situations is analyzed, which helps to prevent them in the future.

Fire Detection

A combined solution of infrared sensors and video surveillance

Face Recognition

A solution that checks faces against a public or private database, or stores them.

How affordable is an intelligent solution?

An intelligent video surveillance system is an investment that, according to calculations, pays for itself within the first six months. In the long term, this means a tenfold monthly saving compared to manned security. Another argument in favor of intelligent video surveillance is the fact that it never gets sick, does not need days off, and does not expect higher pay on public holidays.

When to choose an analytic video surveillance service?

  1. Large industrial facilities Large industrial companies, factories, and logistics centers can use analytic video surveillance to monitor movement, identify vehicles and people, and ensure security in large areas.
  2. Commercial and retail centers Commercial buildings, shopping malls, and office spaces can use analytic video surveillance to prevent theft, monitor visitors, and analyze events and people movement.
  3. Public institutions and events Public institutions, transportation centers, and large events can use analytic video surveillance to monitor mass movement, identify atypical behavior patterns, and prevent potential security risks.
  4. Private homes and apartment complexes Residential areas, apartment complexes, and homeowners can use analytic video surveillance to ensure secure access, monitor restricted areas, and prevent potential hazards.
  5. Educational institutions Schools, universities, and other educational institutions can use analytic video surveillance to ensure student safety, monitor student behavior, and ensure smooth learning.
  6. Healthcare institutions Hospitals and healthcare facilities can use analytic video surveillance to ensure patient and staff safety, monitor critical areas, and prevent theft and unauthorized entry.
  7. Transportation and traffic monitoring Analytic video surveillance is essential in the transportation and traffic sector, helping to monitor traffic flows, identify traffic accidents, and ensure overall traffic safety.
  8. Financial institutions Banks and financial institutions can use analytic video surveillance to protect their physical spaces, monitor cash handling, and identify suspicious or atypical transactions.
  9. Energy and infrastructure Energy companies, power plants, and other organizations with critical infrastructure can use analytic video surveillance to monitor critical areas and ensure their security.
  10. Critical border areas Critical border areas, such as airports, ports, and border points, can use analytic video surveillance to enhance security, monitor border crossings, and identify illegal activities.

Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ

Regular video surveillance simply records video footage, while analytic video surveillance uses advanced technology to make intelligent detections and analytics, such as motion detection, object identification, and behavior analysis.

Analytic video surveillance is recommended for use in large and complex environments where there is a need for more accurate and intelligent monitoring. This includes commercial buildings, industrial facilities, public institutions, residential areas, and other critical areas.

Some analytic video surveillance systems may work without a constant internet connection, however, some advanced features, such as remote management or cloud support, may require an internet connection.

Why order an analytic video surveillance service from the security company Rapid Security?

Rapid Security has extensive experience in the security field, and our specialists have in-depth knowledge of the application of analytic video surveillance in various environments. This ensures high quality and efficiency of the service.

Our analytic video surveillance solutions are customizable to your specific needs and environment. We also offer 24/7 monitoring and response. Our team monitors the system in real time and responds quickly to detected events, ensuring fast and effective intervention when needed.

When monitoring, it is important not to forget about data protection standards, the right to privacy and the confidentiality of customer data. With Rapid Security, security-related information is protected and access to it is strictly controlled.

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