Panic Button

The key to rapid response in emergencies.

panic button is a security solution that can be crucial in emergency situations. It is designed to provide a quick and effective way to alert others during emergencies and call for assistance if needed. Panic buttons have found widespread use in various environments, offering people a sense of security and ensuring rapid response.

The usage areas of a panic button

Business Buildings and Office Spaces

In business environments, panic buttons are often installed in accessible locations for employees, such as corridors and foyers. These allow for quick notification in case of emergencies, whether it’s a fire, a medical emergency, or any other danger.

Shopping Centres and Public Institutions

Shopping Centres and Public Institutions
In shopping centres and public institutions, panic buttons are installed in various areas, such as car parks, toilets and entrances. This helps to ensure that help can be called quickly in an emergency and other people at risk can be notified.

Educational Institutions

In educational institutions, panic buttons have become an essential security measure. Teachers and students can use them to alert others of danger, including in the event of a school shooting or other emergency situations.


In hotels, panic buttons are typically installed in the reception area and guest rooms. These allow guests to quickly alert security personnel or hotel staff in case of emergencies.

Healthcare Facilities

In hospitals and medical offices, panic buttons are essential tools for quickly summoning additional help or alerting security personnel in unexpected situations. 

Industrial and Manufacturing Companies

In industrial facilities, panic buttons may be installed in areas where there is a higher risk of accidents. This helps quickly initiate evacuation procedures or call for emergency medical assistance.


In transportation hubs such as airports and train stations, panic buttons are installed in areas with high concentrations of people. This allows for rapid response and calling for assistance in unexpected situations.

Elderly Care Facilities

In elderly care facilities, panic buttons may be necessary for residents to quickly summon assistance when needed.

When to Install a Panic Button?

panic button is often installed as part of other security systems. Generally, installing a panic button is recommended in any environment where unexpected emergency situations may occur or where calling for help quickly is critical.

How does the Emergency Center respond?

Turvatöötaja teatab ohuolukorrast

Security personnel is in constant communication with the call center. If an emergency situation arises, it is documented by our call center, and if necessary, the security officer is given instructions.

Response to Alarm Signal

When an alarm is triggered at a monitored facility, all technical solutions are promptly reviewed.

Response to the Situation

If necessary, a patrol is dispatched to the location to assess the situation and assist in resolving it. Often, technical solutions also help provide an overview of the situation.

Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ

Panic buttons are typically installed in places where there is a higher concentration of people or where unexpected emergency situations may arise, such as business centers, schools, shopping malls, hotels, and public transportation hubs.

The response time of security teams when a panic button is activated depends on various factors, including the location, protocols in place, and the specific security company or organization. However, the goal is always to react swiftly to any emergency situation. 

Yes, many panic buttons are available in wireless variants, which makes their installation easy and reduces the need for wires

To prevent accidental activation of the panic button, it is important to install them in places where random activation is unlikely. Additionally, a double-locking system or a protective cover can be used.

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